Meet your guides!

Barbara Kirkpatrick

Tour Guide

Her close friends, in a very wide circle, all agree Barbara has God-given gifts of hospitality, cooking, and love for others.

Over twenty years ago Barbara discovered that wine came in bottles, not boxes, and now her super-sensitive taste buds almost push the limit of her husband’s credit cards. Her love of wine pairs … no, it bonds with her innovative cooking. Those who have the privilege of eating in her kitchen declare it the best Italian restaurant in town and beg her to open one.  Barbara smiles and refuses, wanting instead to have her guests in the kitchen with her where they can all have fun celebrating life with love and laughter.

Several years ago Barbara and her husband “Kirk” developed a smartphone app to guide wine lovers around their favorite wine country: Santa Barbara County. But Barbara’s face-to-face people skills were obviously underutilized. The idea of a “live” wine tour, although unprecedented anywhere in the nation, captured both their hearts.  A small pilot tour proved a success, so now, in affiliation with SUST, Barbara is sharing her love of wine, food, fun, and new friends.

Glenn “KIRK” Kirkpatrick

Tour Guide

“Kirk” uses what he calls “infotainment” on his tours, i.e. mixing information with entertainment. His television production and travel writing background shape his take on the regional geology, culture, and history.  In addition, his blarney stone Irish heritage infuses his blood with the gift of gab.  As a matter of fact, he admits that occasionally he doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a funny story. J

Kirk has seen the regional parks countless times but finds it heart-warming to introduce them to first-time visitors, because their faces light up with amazement and delight.  He also enjoys it when visitors inevitably show him a fascinating detail he’s never seen before.

Kirk says the outdoors give him energy and an indescribable peace.

He alternates his tour guiding between the Great Southwest and California wine and food pairing tours with his tour guide wife, Barbara.