The Five Best Day Hikes in Bryce & Zion

For spectacular scenes of an eerie rock formation and enormous red rock canyon walls, visit Bryce Canyon and Zion’s National Park. To experience completely the grandeur of these two amazing places, you can use your $25 park for seven days. Join one of the top five day hikes in the area with or without a guide.

1. The Narrows of Zion National Park

Start your Zion experience by following the trail along Narrows hike that is by the Virgin River itself. Trek all the way down the slot canyon passing through water during certain season of the year. Hike a distance of at least 2.5 miles until you reach the towering canyon walls. You are now surrounded a section known as Wall Street. Hiking is strenuous; you need to rent special type of shoes, wear neoprene socks, and a hiking stick at a local outfitter that cost around $25.

Observation Point Trail, Zion, Utah

2. The Observation Point of Zion National Park

Zion’s famed Angel’s Landing, an 8-mile round-trip trek up to Observation Point, 2,150 feet above the canyon floor are your places far from the madding crowd. Your effort is rewarded as you gaze at the sweeping views of the awesome landscape below. Before returning to the park shuttle bus, walk a quarter mile to Weeping Rock. This cool alcove features the park’s largest hanging garden that provides steady curtain of “weeping” water rubbing elbows with these the rocks for the last 1,200 years.

3. The Navajo Loop Trail of Bryce Canyon National Park

For those with limited time, the best option is a hike along otherworldly Bryce National Park. A moderate to strenuous 1.3 mile hike along the Navajo Loop Trail takes you all the way down switchbacks to the canyon bottom and go up again through Wall Street. In this place, the100-foot-tall canyon walls with Douglas fir trees all 750 years old create a stunning setting. For more exploration, add the Peek-a-boo loop trail that forks off midway your hike.

4. The Watchman Trail of Zion National Park

A great, moderate introduction to Zion National Park is the 2.7-mile

A round-trip Watchman Trail is about 2.7 mile that you start right at the visitor center. Passing the ranger quarters, follow the trail upward to a plateau and watch the panoramic views of the park and the town of Springdale. There are wildlife along the way, you may even encounter a deer mule.

5. The Peek-a-Boo Loop Trail of Bryce Canyon National Park

The Peek-a-boo Loop Trail is named as it offers surprising hikes and stunning views of the unique red rock formations around and in every corner. While hiking up and down the 3-mile trail, you will pass through several types of terrains and views some of the most beautiful vistas as the Silent City and Wall of Windows. For a short connection, you travel to the Navajo Loop Trail making around 4.5 total trips.

Photo Credit: Fabio Achilli on flickr

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