Top 10 Things to Do in Capitol Reef

A great place to hang out in Utah’s National Park is in Capitol Reef so you have all the time to explore the park. For so much to activities to discover, here are the top 10 things to do in Capitol Reef.

chimney rock, Capitol Reef NP

10: Pick fruits in the orchard – Anything you pick is free for you to consume. Pay a nominal fee, take your time and bring some of your picks with you This only happens during the summer months. Check on their schedule when and the kind of fruits available.

9: View indigenous art collection on rocks – Even if you are not an art buff, you will appreciate the impressive collection of rock art left behind by the   American Indian groups who lived or traveled through what is now Capitol Reef. Many of these petroglyphs are viewed just off the main thoroughfare in the park so your hike gives you a glimpse of the past.

8: Hike in Hickman Bridge – This hike is the shortest and the most rewarding. Hickman Bridge trail leads directly under this natural bridge. You have the option to walk all around or get on top of the bridge.

7: Visit Gifford Farm house – This destination is “must see”. Get a double treat for history and gastronomic treats.  Historical relics remind you of the past but the homemade treats will keep you coming back. Yu can buy those yummy and delectable salsas, pies, preserves, ice creams, etc. And they usually have free samples.

6: Chimney Rock trail – This is the oldest trail in is the park. Hike all over the chimney and include canyons behind it. Check on Spring Canyon.

5: Campground in the park – The campground has everything you want in camping. It is roomy, so you can pitch your big tent, cook dinner in the designated fire pits, and play Frisbee among the shade trees.

4: The Grand Wash – This trail is for is fun and easy going hike. Mostly a canyon trail, so it is shady and ideal for the summer months. It is a wise idea to park your car at either end of the trail so you do not have to walk back as well.

3: Cathedral Valley – This is mostly a sparse desert and a lonely country. Drive to the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon, both are monolithic sandstone formations rising straight from the desert sand.

2: Cassidy Arch – This is tone of the best hikes in the park that maybe more strenuous, but definitely worth it. Get to Cassidy Arch by driving along the scenic route in the park and a $5 toll fee per vehicle. The hike climb is steep and on top of the arch, you see whole of Capitol Reef is laid out before your eyes.

1: Waterpocket Fold – Located at the southern region of the Park, it is the most fantastic section. The rocks are pushed and molded into many folds while wind and water carved narrow slot canyons into the rock. Look across and see Henry Mountain. There are many other trails and canyons to discover in your next adventure.

Photo Credit: Esther Lee on flickr

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